Natural, plant-based, sustainable.

We carefully select the best nuts to make organic products naturally


What makes Mand'or different?

  • Recipes

    The recipe are transversaland differentiated in order to approach fifferent tastes of consumers.

  • Percentages of nuts

    Our drinks are characterized for their higher percentages (minimum 4% up to 8%) of nuts compared to other competitors (average of 2%).

  • Clean label

    We use few ingredients (maximum 5) compared to other main producers (market leader has more than 10 for example).

  • Packaging

    We choose a differentiated packaging called IPI Caliz 100. It is not a Treta Pak but 100% made in Italy packaging with an exclusive and ergonomic shape.

  • Certifications

    We are compliant with our range with most important standards , IFS, BRC, at the highest grade; Kosher and Halal for religious aspects, and Organic.

  • Internal QA department

    It follow the entire supply chain from the arrival of raw materials until the production of finished drinks.


Did you know?

Almond milk is a natural antioxidant that helps prevent cancer and delay the aging process

The low calorie content of almond milk makes it an ideal food for all those who want to lose weight.

The consumption of almond milk is of great help in combating cholesterol and triglycerides.

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