Mand'or Oat drink - NEW IN

Mand'or Oat drink - NEW IN

Mand'or Oat, a vegetable oat drink with no added sugar, with a delicate taste and capable of satisfying every palate.

Why oats?

Oats are a low-fat and naturally sweet cereal. It has a high fiber content and this has many advantages, first of all that of improving intestinal transit and consequently the digestive processes.

Furthermore, oats are very suitable in diets dedicated to keeping sugars under control or in case of diabetes: in addition, they increase the sense of satiety and keep blood cholesterol levels at bay.

Before breakfast.

The origins of oats are very ancient: it is thought that it dates back to 4000 BC, in wild form. Its cultivation dates back, however, to the Christian era, and was very popular in Northern Europe, given the needs related to the soil (it needs a lot of humidity, like rice). In countries such as Germany or Great Britain, oats were widely used for porridge, to be eaten not only at the start of the day but often, for the poorest classes, as a single meal.

If we exclude the countries of Northern Europe, it is easy to see how for a long time oats remained only a food for animals. Today, however, oats are widespread everywhere and highly appreciated, both as flour or flakes, and as a vegetable drink.

Oats to drink.

Vegetable oat drinks have many benefits, here are some of them:

  • they protect against the effects of free radicals and slow down cellular ageing
  • control blood glucose levels
  • regulate the intestinal flora
  • lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol
  • they provide vitamin BĀ strengthen bones and teeth

Mand'or Oat makes the difference.

In addition to having all the advantages we have listed, the Mand'or Oat recipe calls for the use of 12% oats of European origin and in addition it has no additives or flavourings.

Despite the very low sugar content, Mand'or Oat has a naturally sweet taste which makes it perfect for starting our days in a healthy way.

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