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Pan di Spagna Roulle'

Pan di Spagna Roulle'


Pan di Spagna soft and fluffy. It can be rolled up easily. It does not break, allowing the easy creation of logs and excellent desserts. Ideal as a base for cakes, semifreddos, and other desserts. Average height 7 mm. Dimensions: 380 by 560 mm. Ready to use.
Each box contains 2 bags hermetically sealed in an atmosphere of 6 pieces c. one.

Origin: Italy


PSRB code: wheat flour (wheat), sugar, egg, water, maltodextrin,
emulsifiers: E475-E433; EGG albumen powder, skimmed milk powder, agents
leavening agents: E450i, E500ii; humidifier: E422; thickener: E417; salt, preservative: E202;
PSRC code: wheat flour, egg, sugar, water, maltodextrin, low-fat cocoa
powder 2%, emulsifiers: E475, E433, skimmed milk powder, egg white in
powder, humidifier: E422; thickener: E417; raising agents: E450i, E500ii, salt,
preservative: E202; aromas.

Allergens present in the product: Cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, kamut, and their hybridized strains) and derivative products, eggs and egg products, milk and milk products, mustard, and mustard products.

Nutrition facts:
Averages nutrition facts per 100 g

Energy value KJ 1442 - Kcal 341
Proteins 9
Carbohydrates 66
  of which sugars 37
Fats 5
  of which saturated 1
Dietary fiber 1
Salt 0.5

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