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Saltri Triumbari Sicilian Cannoli Shell - LARGE - 100 pcs

Saltri Triumbari Sicilian Cannoli Shell - LARGE - 100 pcs

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Crispy and flaky shells fried until bubbly and golden and filled with a classic sweet ricotta filling, pure dessert heaven, or a pistachio spread!

These pastries are one of Sicily's most iconic desserts and traditionally they're garnished with candied orange peel at each end or chopped pistachio nuts.

Cannoli is a labor-intensive dessert but they are SO worth the effort. They're perfect for a special treat, to end a family feast, or for an occasion

Ingredients: Wheat flour, wine, refined lard, granulated sugar, salt.

Aromas: vanillin, caramelized sugar.


The plant uses grains of hazelnuts, eggs, wheat and cereal flour, soya.

Shelflife: 12 months.

AVG NUTRITIONAL VALUES (for 100g of product)

Nutrition facts:

Averages nutrition facts per 100 g

Energy 1508 kJ – 356 Kcal
Fats 5.2g
– Saturated 4.3g
Carbohydrates 63,2g
– Sugars 50.6g
Food fibres 0.9g
Proteins 14.2g
Salt 210mg

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